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Where Quality & Integrity are No. 1

With Professional Eavestrough and Home Improvement Services for Over 20 Years

Advantage Seamless Eavestrough offers the most solid gutters available on the market. Our eavestroughs do not rust, do not leak and can support up the weight of three men. You want to maintain the look and integrity of your home and avoid problems? Fixa-Tech® continuous fastening system is a patented product designed to help you keep your gutters in good condition—guaranteed!

Strong Eavestrough for a Strong Investment

Advantage Seamless Eavestrough understands the importance of properly installed eavestroughs. They not only keep rain water away from your home, but it also offers a visual change for your home. We want to ensure that your investment in your home is not only protected from water damage, but we want you to have a strong input in the eavestrough system that works best for your home.

Our Services

Seamless Eavestroughing

These eavestroughs offer maintenance free protection from any possible damage from the elements. You can choose from steel or aluminum, available in a variety of colours.


From siding to window and door installations, you can trust us that our installation work will prevent any damage from the elements while giving your home a beautiful, poslished look.

Custom Workmanship

If you have a unique request, we can work with you. Let us know what you’re looking for and we will accommodate and develop something one-of-a-kind.

See the Advantage Difference


Fixa-Tech Sturdiness

Gutter Bent by a Ladder

Ultra Durable Gutters

Weak Points

Snow Accumulation

Clogged Gutter

Alu-Rex Protection